K-Pop TV Shows

If you’re K-Pop fan, you must have known how important K-Pop TV shows are, especially if you don’t live in South Korea. Without them, it would be impossible for you to see your favorite K-Pop idols interact or perform on a stage. We have compiled several best sources for K-Pop TV shows

KBS World

One of the largest broadcasting stations in Korea, KBS is a good place to start if you’re looking for some K-Pop contents. Fortunately, KBS also provides a channel, KBS World, that you can watch through cable television or on YouTube in case you’re looking for subbed videos. Most contents uploaded in KBS would be available in KBS World within few days.


Another website that you might want to check out is kshowonline. There are new videos uploaded daily; and you can watch shows like Weekly Idol, Running Man, or Produce 101 for free with English subs.


Finally we have Arirang, which is also a cable television channel from South Korea government. Shows like After School Clubs allows you to ‘hang out’ with different K-Pop idols each week. Then, we have Simply K-Pop, a music show where you can watch K-Pop stars perform.

Photo credit: KBS World TV official YouTube channel

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