A common occurrence

There’s no doubt that ulzzangs are gorgeous, photogenic people with blessed genetics. So, what’s a better career than to become entertainers? We all have heard about ulzzangs who end up starting their own business, but let’s talk about ulzzangs who end up becoming K-Pop idols. We have at least 4 of them below.

B1A4 Gongchan

The youngest member of the up-and-rising K-Pop group B1A4, Gongchan, is well-known for his good looks. In fact, he won a competition called “Eoljjang Challenge” back when he was still in middle school.


KARA’s beauty, Goo Hara was an online shopping mall model before she debuted with KARA. She was casted after her then-company, DSP Entertainment found her pictures online.

JYJ Jaejoong

Former TVXQ member and current JYJ member Jaejoong isn’t just a good singer; he’s also famous for his striking look ever since he was young.

Crayon Pop (former member) Soyul

Recently, Soyul announced her withdrawal from her group, Crayon Pop after her marriage and pregnancy. Before joining Crayon Pop, Soyul was quite famous online thanks to her cute look.

Photo credit: All credits go to Naver (sources vary)

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