Second drug scandal in Big Bang

There seems to be no quiet day in Big Bang fandom. Only a few weeks after his enlistment, Big Bang’s rapper TOP was tangled in a drug scandal. Back in 2011, groupmate G-Dragon was caught smoking marijuana at some club in Japan. Back then, G-Dragon insisted that he didn’t know what he was smoking; claiming the cigarette was given by someone else.

This time, however, TOP would have a hard time getting away from the law enforcement. In fact, according to report from Naver, TOP has been investigated by the police since early April. When caught, he was with a female trainee in her 20’s. The woman was later identified as Han Seo Hee, a former Jellyfish trainee. Han was set to debut with GFRIEND but she turned down the offer.  She’s best known for her appearance in a show called ‘Birth of a Great Star’, and was rumored to be coming from quite a wealthy family in Yeoju, South Korea.

YG Entertainment stock price took a toll

When the news broke out on Thursday, June 1, YG Entertainment stock price immediately tanked. Founder Yang Hyun-Suk apologized on his behalf, promising the public TOP is now reflecting and would comply with the investigations.

Picture credit: Modeungilbo via Naver

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