Ulzzang trend is very popular today that it has become versatile especially when it comes to body shapes. Most women are afraid to try new trends because they think they would not look good with it because of their weight. Well, we are happy to tell you the the Ulzzang fashion is for everyone! Don’t let your weight stop you from trying fashion trends, work what’s best for you and be confident!

If you don’t know where to start to achieve the Ulzzang look, here are tips to help you look good in Ulzzang fashion!

1. Wear stylish ulzzang-inspired clothes that you feel comfortable with. Look for any inspirations in the internet or magazine and find something that’s similar to the clothing style. It doesn’t have to be the same but at least close to it. The try different styles and go for what looks best and something that you’re comfortable with. No matter how nice a clothing is, if you’re not comfortable wearing it, you won’t have the confidence to dress up for it!


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2. Wear accessories that would liven up your toned-down outfit. Most Ulzzang fanatics wear bracelets, necklace, cute purse and earrings that are eye-catching. If your outfit is plain such as a loose yellow jacket paired with a black skinny jeans and flats, add accessories with loud prints like animal print bag or bright colored stacked bracelets! Or you can wear a big bow headband for an easy on-the-go accessory. The key is to look comfy but still edgy!


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3. Choose an Ulzzang hairstyle that suits your face shape! Go for the style that flatters you and don’t be afraid to try another hairstyle than the one you already have. Having a fringe could make your face look more round or elongated depending on the style and the length so be mindful of this style. If you want to go for the usual, you’ll never go wrong with a medium to long hairstyle!


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4. Last but definitely not the least, use your makeup wisely! Ulzzang literally means best face so all it comes down really is how you beautify your face. Ulzzangs mostly have v-shaped face with big eyes so you want to achieve that look. Use circle lenses to create an iluusion of bigger eyes and most importantly, contour! Contouring your face that looks natural can be done with the right shades and the right makeup. Find your best feature and intensify that beauty with makeup!


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These are the four tips to help you get started with your Ulzzang dream and hopefully you’ll find the confidence to try this trend!

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