The key to achieving Ulzzang beauty is to have a glowing and blemish free skin, particularly on the face. It’s easier said than done however since we know that not all times our skin is at its best most especially when we are under stress and it starts showing on our face, right?


Well don’t worry, there is one beauty remedy that’s a quick fix to every Ulzzang girl’s dream of achieving that youthful glow. The best part is, this beauty remedy can be done right at home just by using ice.


Ice cubes are our go-to when we want to cool off on a summer’s day. Add a few cubes to your drink and you feel refreshed already. What many don’t know though is that ice is also a great beauty remedy.

So what exactly does ice do to our face and to our skin?


Ice can do wonders of tightening pores on our skin and reduce the production of excess oil on the skin. Not only does the cold constrict blood flow which in turn works against reducing enlarged pores, but it also improves blood circulation too. There’s two ways you can subject your skin to this cold treatment.(1) You can take one to two cubes of ice and be sure to wrap it with a cloth before you rub it directly to your skin. This will help prevent delicate capillaries under your skin from breaking due to the coldness. For a more instant cooling effect, you can (2) plunge your face in a sink-filled with ice cold water. This will definitely target not just your problem areas but the whole of your face as well, thereby refreshing your skin instantly. Plus, an added bonus is that applying ice to your face helps prevent premature wrinkles and ageing as well.


Pulling an all-nighter or not getting enough sleep causes strain on our eyes and makes it puffy the day after. In order to give our eyes that much needed wake up call, all you need to do is take two cubes of ice, one for each eye, and apply it against your eyes for about 10 minutes. Be sure to wrap both cubes in a wash cloth to avoid damage to your underlying capillaries in your eye area. With just this simple routine you are guaranteed puffy-free eyes that will prepare you for your day ahead.


Breakouts are at an all time high during PMS or when we are having our monthly periods. And some of us just can’t resist to pop our zits which leads to it becoming big and inflamed. To combat this, simply apply ice onto the inflamed area. In under five minutes, you’ll notice a difference with the redness and the swelling.


Ice is the ultimate pick me up remedy for when you want your skin to feel instantly refreshed. A quick rub on the face will give you that dewy and radiant glow that’s enough to make your skin feel revitalized throughout the rest of the day.

So what do you think? Will you give this quick beauty fix a go?

If so, share your experience with us after trying out this easy home remedy.

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