Have you ever wondered how Korean Artists have very flawless skin? If you’re like most people who want to try the Ulzzang look, you’ve come to the right place because we will be giving you tips on how to have a silky smooth skin!

Koreans value their skin so much that it is a top priority in their daily lives to have a skincare regimen to maintain their beauty. Who wouldn’t want to spend lots of time if you’re going to achieve a finer skin? The steps are really simple and inexpensive but it requires a great amount of patience and consistency. Your skin will not beautify overnight, but you will surely wake up one day and be thankful that you started early!


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Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are very important in every regimen. These three steps are the core and basic foundation of having a smooth skin. Start by cleansing your face with natural oil for four minutes, followed by a 2-minute face massage using a foam cleanser and rinse it off with warm water followed by a cold one to close the pores. This may sound very easy but most of us still skip this step.


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Next step is to apply a toner and if you want to do it like how Korean women does, use your fingers and pat the toner directly on your skin until it is absorbed. Use a good facial moisturizer after and apply it putting a pea-sized on your palm and rub them with your palms until it feels warm, then slowly massage it on the face. These two steps sound new but wouldn’t you try it if it makes your skin smoother?


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There’s a saying that says “You are what you eat”, so if you’re eating healthy foods and get enough vitamins, your skin will look great! If you keep your inner body hydrated, it will reflect on your skin. It helps maintain the body’s natural moisture and if you consume skin-beautifying fruits and vegetables like carrot and tomatoes, it won’t only provide nutrition inside but also on the outside!


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Last but not the least, if you haven’t tried face masks yet, you should start right now! Korean women use a lot of face masks and always make time for it. It might be a bit time consuming but they swear by it. There are lots of facial masks available in the market today but if you want a natural one, egg white and honey is a great mixture! Koreans have a lot of different facial masks they use that they even have a mask that’s made from cocoons!


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Now that you have the basic steps on how to have a silky smooth skin, all you have to do is to take it by heart and be consistent and before you know it, you’ll be able to adapt the Ulzzang look effortlessly!

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