There are a lot of trends to try today but we have the top three ulzzang makeup trends that you shouldn’t miss for 2014. If you want to achieve the natural face of an Ulzzang look, here are three things you should start doing today!

Ulzzang Trend 1: Puppy Eyes

Ever wondered how the Ulzzang enthusiasts have such an innocent look that you just can’t resist keep looking at? Thanks to the power of a good eyeliner, making the puppy eyes will help you tone down your features. It is called the puppy eyes because it literally means to make your eyes look like that of a puppy where it’s slightly droopy gives your eyes a cuter expression. Stick with black or brown eyeliner and use which one suits you best.

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Ulzzang Trend 2: Ombre Doll Lips

Baby dolls mostly have gradient lips wherein the outer part of the lips is lighter and it goes a bit darker towards the center. That’s exactly how an ombre lips should look like! Using two tones of lipstick or just applying a darker one on the inner portion of your lips could create that illusion of having a doll’s lips. Finish it off with a nice gloss and you’ll look younger without any effort! That’s the secret of Korean make-up artists and celebrities that’s why they seem to not be aging, they just age really well and gracefully.

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Ulzzang Trend 3: Natural Thick Eyebrows

We no longer live in a world where the thinner your eyebrows are, the more attractive you are. Most people are embracing the natural thick eyebrows look and majority of the celebrities today have thicker, straight brows especially Koreans. “K-pop brows”, as it is called in some places, is one of the top trends of achieving the Ulzzang look. Today, even westerners are sporting this trend, if not across the globe. It gives a very youthful and innocent look especially for those who wants to follow the Ulzzang trend.

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How about you? What’s your favorite Ulzzang trend? Share with it with us!

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