Each of us wants to make a nice picture of himself and share it with others. In order to get the perfect one, there are a whole range of apps to let you look very pretty. With these practical helpers, the perfect Selfie can be done really easy. In order to find the right program, we have made a list of the best 5 apps we found in the web.

Here is my personal list of the best apps for a Selfie:


With this app you can create the perfect Selfie with great filters and functions. For example, you can smooth skin parts and shape them. Even the eyes can be editet and facial features even changed. Thus you can create a macular and slender face. The lamination function can be used to remove objects in the background. So at the end, only you appears on the picture. The app is well designed and intuitive to use. Should any questions arise, the individual steps are explained again.

– easy operation
– automatic face detection
– versatile processing possibilities

– not really suitable for men

Here you can find the link to the iOS version: Beautycam

This app makes it into my list too. With this the Selfies can also be excellently processed. Pickles or pigments can easily be removed by brush. Also the eyes can be machined. Furthermore, different filters can be placed over the image. Thus, for example, it can be nebulised or played with different brightness. Thus, you can achieve a really cool Ulzzang Picture in just a few steps.  But the very versatile functions cost a little something. This app costs 3.99 euros in the store.

– versatile possibilities of processing
– Background editing
– Before / After image as a comparison

– too much processing is unrealistic
– expensive in the purchase

Here is the link to the site: Facetune

Camera +

Also with this app you can edit the pictures incredibly easy and well. It does not necessarily have to be a Selfie, you can do any nice foto with this app. And the possibilities are wide. Thus, for example, the illumination and also the focus can be changed. The appropriate lighting plays a central role, especially within the Selfie. Thanks to the image stabilizer, your images are sharp and not blurred. A timer is also available, which makes the self-tapping even easier. The different effects are quite similar to Photoshop. So you can put shading, hide pimples or frame.

– good illumination of the images
– image stabilizer
– Timer
– standard version quite favorable

– many extensions are costly in the long run
– only for iOS devices

Here is the link to the iOS app: Camera +


Functions, functions, functions… With this app, you can find a lot of possibilities and gimmicks to edit your Selfie. It is particular that you first select the filter and then take the photo. Of course you can also edit the pictures later. There are 14 different effects with which you can edit the pictures. Likewise there are seven different camera modes, which can all represent a different picture. This means there are no limits to diversity. The pictures can be sharpened differently and also the background can be edited. Even a mode for self-portraits and an audio camera function are integrated. If the Selfie has become pretty, you can load it directly to the computer thanks to the practical cloud connection.

– easy operation
– regular updates
– Many filters, functions and effects

– always runs in the background
– a lot of ads

Here you can visit the website: Camera360


Meitu belongs also to the best 5 apps here. Meitu comes from China and enjoys more than 270 million users. Here too, versatile functions are offered. So you can tighten the face, remove impurities or put special filters over it. The background can also be edited. That means by clever retouching, one can thus excel the face. Also the eyes can be machined. For example, the colors of the iris can be changed or the so-called red-eye effect can be improved. Also various lighting options are available and can be used for perfect Selfie. A special highlight is the “repair of the teeth”. This one can additionally add white and thus ensures a radiant smile on every picture. 🙂

– versatile processing possibilities
– perfect for self-printing
– high-quality processing of the eye and mouth parts

– it takes getting used to it

Here is the website of Meitu: Meitu

Conclusion: To sum it up, the App Camera360 is my number 1. It was the ease of the use and the many possibilities and gimmicks for the perfect Selfie that gave the decisive role. I hope my list could give you a small overview of the best Selfie apps. Which app is your number 1 when it comes to making a Selfie? Write it in the comment field. (To leave a comment, you need to login.)

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