Blackpink Achieves PAK

Blackpink continues YG’s legendary PAKs this year!


From iKON to Bigbang, and now Blackpink! YG has indeed become the home of Perfect-All-Kills this year.

Despite the fact that the song was released last Friday, Blackpink was still able to maintain its #1 spot for almost three days on all South Korean music charts, making it the first girl group to achieve a Perfect-All-Kill this year, also it is the fourth group to achieve a Perfect-All-Kill this year.

Blackpink might be a one-year-old group, the newest group in YG Entertainment, but its massive achievements since debut prove that Blackpink is one of the legendary groups in the K-pop industry.

YG Entertainment’s new boy group, iKON, and YG Entertainment’s new girl group, Blackpink, prove to everyone that YG Entertainment is the home of Perfect-All-Kills in the Korean music industry.

As of 7:00 A.M. KST, Blackpink already achieved 4 PAKs. While iKON achieved 204 PAKs this year, making them the group that holds the highest number of PAKs of all time in all genres in the Korean music industry.

Watch Blackpink’s ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ below.

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