Blackpink Coachella 2023

Blackpink’s Coachella 2023 performance has proven once again that they’re currently the hottest group in the world!

The quartet’s international fame and power have put them in a class of their own, and seven years since their debut, their Coachella 2023 performance and the massive congregation that had come to witness history, underlined that they were still conquering the globe.

TechRadar predicted that more than 250 million people would be viewing BLACKPINK’s show online, while media organization Indie 505 claimed more than 125,000 people were present at their Coachella 2023 gig during the 1st weekend of the festival.

In 2019 the group had already performed on the Sahara stage at Coachella, where the audience was so large it apparently extended beyond the stage’s confines and local fans and visitors came to see the band’s 1st Coachella performance.

At the greater main stage and with a larger attendance, the group was unstoppable and soon became the main event as various hashtags such as #BLACKPINKinCOACHELLA and #Pinkchella trended across the globe.

Kaskade‘s Coachella 2015 show was the one that had the most massive crowd in the festival’s history, until Harry Styles‘ 100,000-strong audience during his headlining Coachella performance in 2023.

BLACKPINK made history for being the first K-Pop and girl group to headline Coachella, and as the information is collected, they appear to be the most watched act in Coachella‘s history with a record-breaking attendance.

Will they break their own record in their 2nd performance on April 22, 2023? We will see!


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