A new K-pop group received their first ever heartbreaking insult from a BTS fan.


Every K-pop fan knows how much all K-pop groups work very hard to be successful in the industry.

That’s why when this video of a BTS fan insulting a new K-pop boy group, face to face, have gone viral, K-pop fans couldn’t help but felt bad for the group and felt angry at the BTS fan.

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B.Heart— a new K-pop group, was personally giving flyers on the road to promote their group, but as they gave a flyer to one of the passersby, the woman told the group, “B-Heart. You’re not BTS, I only like BTS.”

The woman walked straight away from the group as she said those words in front of B.Heart.

The K-pop group was stunned upon hearing those words from a BTS fan.

B.Heart members just cheered “BTS, BTS” after receiving the insult from the BTS fan.

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