Jeon Somi

JYP Entertainment officially announces Jeon Somi’s departure from the company.


“After discussions with Somi, we have agreed to terminate her exclusive contract. We sincerely thank the artist and fans who have been with us thus far.” ㅡ JYP Entertainment

After years of waiting for Jeon Somi’s debut, fans were surprised that the former I.O.I. member left JYP Entertainment all of a sudden.

While JYP Entertainment announced that the company will debut a new group, fans are more curious about the reason behind Jeon Somi’s departure from JYP Entertainment.

Jeon Somi has been in JYP since Sixteen, and the fans saw her potential in becoming a successful idol in the next few years after her incredible performance in Produce 101.

Her visual, talent, and incredible sense of humor have captured the hearts of many Korean netizens.

Jeon Somi has not said any word yet after JYP’s announcement.

Fans have different reactions about this announcement, some are glad that she left JYP Entertainment while some are not happy that JYP announced the debut of their new girl group just a day after Jeon Somi’s departure from the company.

Some fans guessed that Jeon Somi was kicked out from JYP Entertainment. The reason behind? Only them know.

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