BTS V trended on social media once again when he shared new hairdo in a couple of mirror selfies.

The artist, also an influencer, was filled up with tweets praising his gorgeous visuals. After hiding his new look for weeks, Taehyung revealed that he has colored his hair into a mullet. He was just revealed his new look during the Dynamite song promotions and became an instant hit among fans.

ARMY couldn’t stop raving about his new handsome look. Today, he gave fans a closer look at his good boy turned undeniably hot in his new selcas.

In addition, V also gained over 100k tweets in numerous countries namely Twipple Japan and Worldwide trends while International fans of the star tweeted “National Treasure”, “Disney Prince”, “A perfect work of art” and a “Greek Statue” to name a few.

V aka Taehyung's 'mullet' look leaves ARMY thirsting after the BTS member;  Compare him to a Disney prince | PINKVILLA

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