Oh My Girl

During YooA’s solo debut showcase, the CEO Lee Won Min of WM Entertainment sat in the front row to cheer for YooA along with the other members of Oh My Girl.

Netizens noticed that Lee Won Min was silently shedding tears when camera capturing them all at once. Even though there’s no exact reason but fans predict that he was crying because he felt emotional to see the first member of his girl group make a solo debut.

One netizen commented, “OMG, he looks like a kind-hearted uncle”, “Oh My Girl — even the name of the group feel like a dad referring to his actual daughter T_T”, “His emotional range is like Oh My Girl’s songs”, “#Don’t_Cry_Won_Min”, “Binnie sitting next to him also looks like she’s getting emotional”.

On September 7, YooA made her solo debut with her first mini album “Bon Voyage”

Netizens catch WM Entertainment's CEO shedding tears at Oh My Girl YooA's debut showcase | allkpop

WM Entertainment CEO Seen in Tears at Oh My Girl YooA Solo Debut Showcase : News : KpopStarz

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