Big Hit Entertainment held an online global media day conference for BTS’s new digital single “Dynamite.” The members were asked how they felt after finding out about their No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

J-Hope answered,” I am really thankful to our members even if we don’t say anything. No matter how many times I say this it is never enough. Our members have become precious people that I cannot live without and have become the biggest reason for living. I am truly thankful to have spent the last seven years with them and I hope that we stay together forever. I love you guys.”

After hearing his heartwarming message, the other members responded by saying, “J-Hope we love you.” But member V started to tear up while J-Hope was talking.

When the next question came up, the host asked V to answer the question. V, who still was teary-eyed, admitted, “Truthfully, I teared up after hearing J-Hope’s words.”



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