CLC’s Eunbin to join NCT Jaehyun in a new Korean drama.

This is not CLC’s Kwon Eunbin first time in acting as she has already did some acting before with Bad Papa and Somehow Family as a supporting role.

Recently, it was confirmed that CLC’s  Eunbin has been offered for the role of a supporting character, Min Yanghee, that admired NCT’s Jaehyun’s character, Cha Minho.

Kwon Eunbin’s role is slated to be a girl that grew up in a rich family, resulting in her lack of tact at times, and can cause trouble occasionally.

The role was revealed by Eunbin herself on her Instagram story as she posted saying, “Please take care of Yanghee.”

Dear.M will air on the first half of 2021.


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