IU President

IU’s kindness was mentioned by President Moon Jae in a recent post.

IU donated 4,600 sets of ice vests to Korean nurses to the various causes including the coronavirus pandemic, which has netizens praising the star for her generosity, reviewed via social media.

President Moon Jae full statement:

To our nurses, thank you.

While comforting our nurses who are take charge of medical sites while doctors are gone, I’d like to express my gratitude and admiration for your sacrifice and hard work. It must be difficult during the coronavirus pandemic, so I can’t imagine how much harder it must be with doctors going on strike.I also hear that you must bear criticisms from patients due to gaps in treatment.

I feel bad for nurses who not only have to endure their inadequate working environments, but emotional hardship as well.The unfortunate story of how medical professionals passed out from not being able to take off their protective clothing during the heat wave resonated with many hearts. Although they referred to them as medical professionals, citizens are aware that most of them were nurses.Don’t lose courage and hang on for a little longer.

I also heard that the singer, IU donated ice vests. That’s right. Don’t forget that while you struggle to help patients, our citizens are also by your side.

The government will search for a way to make it a little easier on nurses. We will do our best to provide resources you need. We will start by providing additional personnel and do things that we can start right away.

Thank you, nurses. We love you.

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