Cube Entertainment
After Cube Entertainment and Hyuna mutually decided to terminate Hyuna’s exclusive contract, Cube Entertainment terminates Pentagon E’Dawn’s contract.

A month after Hyuna and E’Dawn faced a lot of controversy after the two former Cube Entertainment artists announced their relationship, Hyuna and E’Dawn officially parted ways with Cube Entertainment.

This also means that E’Dawn has been kicked out from Pentagon.

E’Dawn has been a member of Pentagon since 2016. He was also one of the most popular members.

Cube Entertainment officially released a statement after the news came out:

‘We once again sincerely thank the artist and fans who have been with us until now.’

We can recall that one of the major contributors of Cube Entertainment’s popularity is Hyuna.

Now that Hyuna is out from Cube, and E’Dawn who is one of the most popular members of Pentagon, who do you think will be Cube Entertainment’s aces now?

Other groups from Cube Entertainment are CLC and G-iDle.

One of CLC and G(i)-Dle members had a scandal before.

CLC’s Yeeun and Pentagon’s Yuto were also surrounded by scandal just days after Hyuna and E’Dawn confirmed their relationship.

Also, G(i)-Dle’s Minnie was allegedly kicked out from Blackpink before Blackpink’s debut as Minnie was spotted by fans dating one of former YG trainees in Japan. Fans posted photos of Minnie with YG’s former trainee, having an exclusive vacation in Japan.




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