iKON's Concert In Manila
What makes iKON’s concert in Manila one of the best K-pop concerts in history?


Last November 11, 2018, iKON just had their first ever concert in the Philippines. The concert was held at Mall Of Asia Arena— an arena that can hold more or less 20,000 concert attendees.

iKON’s concert in Manila was sold out. People were surprised to witness that iKON really do have a lot of supporters in the Philippines.

But why did iKON’s concert in Manila one of the most talked about concerts in history that K-pop fans from around the world were amazed by it?

Check out these Top 5 iKONIC Moments in iKON’s Concert In Manila:

  1. iKONICS’ Fanchants

  2. iKONICS’ Iridescence Project for iKON

  3. iKONIC’s Yellow Cloth During B-Day

  4. iKONICS’ Globe Ad For iKON

  5. Filipino iKONICS’ Extra iKONCERT Outfits

    iKON's Concert In Manila iKON's Concert In Manila iKON's Concert In Manila

    In return, iKON shouted “We Love You” to all Filipino iKONICS who attended iKONCERT in Manila.

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