Cravity Flame

CRAVITY achieved their first-ever win with “Flame” on The Show.

On the September 1 episode of “The Show,” CRAVITY’s “Flame,” DreamCatcher’s “BOCA,” and ONEUS’s “To Be or Not to Be” competed for the top spot but Cravity’s “Flame” topped them all.

“We won, thanks to Luvity (fandom name). The saddest thing is that Luvity can’t be here for this special moment. Thank you so much, I love you,” Leader Serim said tearfully.

“Thank you to all our parents,” Woobin added.

“We love you, Luvity! Thank you so much,” Hyeongjun also emotionally shared thanks and love for Luvity.

Congratulations to CRAVITY!

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