New Kpop Group

On September 1, UnionWave Entertainment announced that new multicultural K-Pop group with two non-Asian members, both from Europe is set to debut.

PRISMA will debut this October with a single and music video, featuring members from South Korea, the USA, Spain, and Italy.

The group is composed of five members. Those include leader Gyeongmin—visual and lead vocal,Nia—main vocal Miriam, Sally—the rapper and the newest addition, and lastly, Eunbyeol—the main dancer. In particular, Eunbyeol is a former member of the K-Pop group Moonlight Girls.

Moreover, PRISMA was said to be equipped with very specific and unique charm. This is a diverse group consisting of members from Korea, Spain, Italy and the USA. PRISMA is set to debut with an official single and music video next month. The girls are planning to capture hearts of global music lovers with a powerful and vibrant concept.

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