Dispatch is back at it again.


While YG Entertainment is dominating the K-pop industry right now, here goes Dispatch dropping more accusations against GD.

Dispatch revealed that G-Dragon receives special treatment while serving his military duties.

Dispatch claimed that G-Dragon stays in a luxury suit of a military hospital which is off-limits to low-ranking soldiers.

Dispatch also revealed that G-Dragon is receiving preferential treatment.by spending more than 20 days in the hospital.

However, YG Entertainment denied Dispatch’s claims and responded that G-Dragon is not getting a special treatment inside the hospital.

The Ministry Of National Defense defended G-Dragon by releasing an official statement that proves G-Dragon is staying at an ordinary room.

Regarding G-Dragon’s sick leave, Ministry of National Defense explained that soldiers can go on up to 30 days of sick leave, and that G-Dragon already consumed 26 out of the 30 days due to his hospitalization.

Dispatch has not released new statements yet regarding this issue.

To those who do not know Dispatch, their teams of paparazzi constantly follow Korean celebrities and secretly watches their every move, then reveal all their gathered pictures and information to the public despite having no verification if their information is true or not.

So, which one are you going to believe? Comment your thoughts below.


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