Korean Soldier

A Korean soldier who is serving his military duty right now has leaked several private information about G-Dragon.

While Dispatch never stops its accusations agains t YG Entertainment that G-Dragon is getting special treatment while serving the military, another news about G-Dragon has been leaked.

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Recently, a Korean woman posted a viral post on Instagram that surprised all K-pop fans.

The Korean woman posted a photo that reveals G-Dragon’s moles, tattoos, habits, medications, and more.

After thorough investigation, it was revealed that the Korean soldier who is probably serving his military duty in the same camp with G-Dragon, wrote and draw G-Dragon’s physical attributes and characters, then sent it to the Korean woman who was revealed as the girlfriend of the Korean soldier.

The Korean woman took a photo of the drawing and posted it on Instagram.

기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BIGBANG G-DRAGONs Private Information Gets Leaked by His Fellow Soldier

Due to this incident, Korean netizens start to understand why artists, especially someone like G-Dragon who is dubbed as the King of K-pop, need to stay in a room that could protect his privacy better.

Even though YG Entertainment and the Ministry of National Defense already revealed that G-Dragon is not staying in a luxurious room while being hospitalized, Korean netizens now start to think that G-Dragon’s privacy is at risk from soldiers who do not follow their camp’s rules.

An individual whose name and occupation was kept hidden revealed  that G-Dragon was offered to be part of their military camp’s marching band, but G-Dragon humbly declines and wanted to serve his military duty as an ordinary soldier.

Months ago, G-Dragon also gave another soldier a favor when G-Dragon wrote an inspiring message for another soldier’s family member who loves Bigbang.

Despite being in the military, G-Dragon still continues to make fashion trend.

A photo of G-Dragon in the military has been leaked where he wore an ordinary military green slippers, everyone stated selling and buying those military green slippers at a more expensive price.

Indeed, whatever G-Dragon touches, it becomes as valuable as gold.

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