Is it really a secret or not? 

Dispatch, who’s been a huge fan of other K-pop groups, has been the main source of big rumors in the K-pop industry for years.

2019 has been a really tough year for YG Entertainment. When the year just started, Dispatch already started revealing YG artist’s private life.

From Blackpink Jennie to iKON’s Yunhyeong to Bigbang Seungri to Yang Hyun Suk to iKON’s B.i., Dispatch continues to reveal YG artists’ secrets and private life. Even former YG artist, PSY, was not exempted from this hate brigade.

But the big question is, why just YG artists?

The moment Bigbang members started their enlistment, Dispatch already started revealing a lot of secrets, rumors, and accusations against YG artists.

Now that Bigbang members will soon be coming back one by one, do you think Dispatch will reveal more secrets soon?

Do you think Dispatch knows more secret that needs legal attention but they’re not telling it yet to the authorities? Let’s find out soon!

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