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Who are the top international fashion icons in K-pop? Check out this list below.

1. G-Dragon

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The King of Fashion in Korea is none other than Bigbang’s leader, tagged as the “King of K-pop,” G-dragon. It is not a wonder why G-dragon is considered as the King of Fashion in K-pop.

International brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and almost all of the other elite global brands in K-pop have always been trying to stay within G-dragon’s network of friends.

G-dragon has been known as the fashion icon, setting new trends and making bizarre fashion trends popular, in Korea. Even North Korea can’t get over with G-dragon’s global popularity.

Aside from being the hottest fashion legend in Korea for more than a decade, G-dragon also owns his personal fashion brand named PeaceMinusOne.

Colorful and crazy hairstyle, new fashion styles, photo filters, even the simplest military green slippers, just let G-dragon touch it, and it will be out of stock in the market in just a second.

2. CL

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One of the K-pop idols who brought international brands to K-pop is none other than G-dragon’s fellow group leader under YG Entertainment is CL of 2ne1.

Being friends with creative directors of some elite global fashion brands like Moschino, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more, CL is definitely one of the top fashion icons in K-pop.

That snappy winged-eyeliner that only CL can rock with full swag is one of CL’s trademarks in K-pop.

Name all kind of fashion, CL can rock it in every way. CL also walked on the runway of DKNY in 2014.

3. Blackpink Jennie

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Blackpink Jennie is one of the K-pop idols in today’s generation that is following the footsteps of her seniors in YG Entertainment. Blackpink Jennie is the Global Fashion Icon in the new generation of K-pop idols.

She’s currently the international muse of Chanel. Her fame, slim and fit physique, attractive visual, and elegant yet bubbly character and vibe are making her the perfect muse of Chanel internationally.

4. Jessica Jung

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Jessica Jung, just like CL, has huge network of friends in the fashion industry. She also walked on the runway show of Dolce & Gabbana in South Korea in 2018.

Jessica Jung is more focusing her fashion activities in China than in Korea right now.

With her girly and elegant style paired with her soft feminine visual, there’s no wonder why Jessica Jung is one of K-pop’s fashion icons.

5. Song Mino

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Song Mino just made history when he became the first K-pop idol to debut as a professional model in Paris Fashion Week for Louis Vuitton this year.

With her bizarre fashion style, pale eyebrows fashion style, and kind of myrsterious look, there’s no wonder that Mino is becoming one of today’s fashion icons in K-pop along with his fellow label Blackpink’s Jennie.


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