After Billboard attacked Blackpink members, E! Online Asia is now under fire for releasing FALSE article about Seungri’s case.

E! Online Asia posted a public apology after releasing a misinforming article about Seungri’s case.

E! Online Asia, one of the biggest entertainment news site in Asia and part of a global entertainment news company, created a huge buzz when they released a fake news about Seungri’s case.

E! Online Asia released a huge a “freaking” FALSE announcement article saying that Seungri was arrested even if the truth is that the arrest warrant for Seungri’s cases got rejected.

E! Online Asia

Due to E! Online Asia’s negligence, some people believed the article that the entertainment site released which eventually misled other people from the truth.

After gaining attention from their followers, E! Online Asia eventually realized their mistake and immediately apologized before they receive lawsuits from involved parties.

E! Online

K-pop fans are now demanding for the writer to receive the right penalty that he/she deserves after releasing a fake news despite the entertainment site’s credibility in the entertainment industry.



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