Park Yuri

After JYP Entertainment kicked out their trainee due to bullying issues, SM trainee’s Park Yuri’s bullying issues also resurfaced.

Park Yuri, SM Entertainment’s representative in Produce 101 Season 4 who is under Esteem— SM Entertainment’s modeling agency, is in a big trouble due to racism and discriminatory issues.

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The trainee has been under fire for saying the “N” word and was revealed to have discriminated his fellow students with different nationalities after his former other foreign schoolmates allegedly revealed his past behavior.

It has been revealed that SM trainee’s Park Yuri has been liking comments on Instagram saying that iKON Bobby is ugly being compared to him.


He posted a photo of him and iKON Bobby on Instagram, comparing their looks. He eventually started liking comments saying that he is more good looking than Bobby.

He eventually deleted the post after it gained attention from K-pop fans.

He then explained that he liked the comments telling that he is more handsome than Bobby even though it says insulting words towards the iKON member, simply because the comments showed that they are their true fans.

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