Great news because EXID’s Solji is well recovering after her surgery!

Her agency released an official statement that reads,

“Hello, We are the agency of EXID, Banana Culture.

“We would like to share the news about Solji to fans who are concerned.

“Solji is currently in the recovery stage as she successfully went through an orbital decompression surgery last January 8. The doctor’s opinion stated that even though the surgery is a success,orbital decompression surgery patient still needs to be observed for some time after the surgery. It is also difficult for the doctors so state the specific surgery result for now.

“Solji got discharged from the hospital on the afternoon of January 10 and went straight to her home to rest. She will be receiving treatment at the moment.

“She is currently focused on recovering so she can greet fans once again in a healthy being. She wanted to relay her gratitude to all the fans who are willing to wait.

“Everyone from the agency will do our best for Solji’s fast recovery and we will also promise to update fans on her condition.

“Thank you for all the support and concerns”.

We are hoping for Solji’s speedy recovery and for EXID to be five once again!

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