Hani & Junghwa

EXID’s Hani and Junghwa ended their contracts and announced their departure from their label, Banana Culture.

EXID’s fans were surprised when EXID’s Hani and Junghwa revealed that they will officially leave Banana Culture, making EXID’s ‘WE,‘ with the title track “ME&YOU,” their last album being under the same label.

Both EXID members released long sincere letters for their fans to officially announce the news:

“Hello, LEGGO. This is Hani.

The ‘ME&YOU’ promotions have come to an end. For me, every moment was brilliant and precious. How was it for our LEGGO? I’m positive it must have been a precious memory for LEGGO too. To be honest, I was worried about it a lot at first. Regardless, we made a decision, but it’s hard to talk about our situation, position, thoughts, and all of the stories behind our decision.

I thought it would be too much to ask for understanding. Was our judgment about our promotional activities correct? The last activities before the transition period… might make things more difficult for someone… Wouldn’t our determination to make many precious memories be selfish… Because of these thoughts, I was very careful about everything.

However, I met you all through these activities. With your warm gaze, encouragement, support, and sincere letters, I realized I worried over nothing. You were the ones who trusted and loved us just as we did. No, more than we did ourselves. Thank you so much. I know your kindness should never be taken for granted.

I know it wouldn’t have been easy either, but thank you and thank you again for respecting my choices for me and for sincerely wishing me happiness. Over the 7 years we’ve been together, I’ve learned so much like how important and precious it is for someone’s life to exchange love with others. I laughed and cried a lot, but because we were together, everything was fine and I was so happy as part of that ‘us.’

I received the gift of a new world. Thank you so much for letting me know the things I could have never known before. All the moments I’ve had with my members and with you have made me who I am, and I really like this me. Thank you so much for caring for me, so I can love myself more.

There will be a lot more things happening in the future. It’s never going to be as smooth as it has been until now. It’s my first time, so there are many things I don’t know. I’ll try my best. I’ll work hard to protect ‘us’ that we’ve built together. I hope you all don’t have too much of a hard time. After all, we’re EXID.

Like our group’s name ‘Exceed in Dreaming,’ we’ve had and accomplished so many dreams. None of those dreams were easy. Without you all, I couldn’t have achieved any of those dreams. Now we have another beginning and a new dream. And this dream… I want to dream with you. I’m always sorry and grateful. I love you so so much.

PS. I haven’t made any specific decisions for myself when it comes to my career or future path. Firstly, I’m thinking of going on a trip after finishing my schedules. I think I need some time like that. After I’ve found what I need through the trip, I’ll be making decision when I’m able to make good decisions. I guess I don’t have much to tell you since I haven’t decided anything yet. I’ll return in good health. I hope LEGGO will always have fun too. Let’s be a lot happier.”

Meanwhile, Junghwa also released another long letter for their fans.

“My lovely LEGGO! Hello, this is Junghwa.

I’m writing this because I have something I want and have to say to LEGGO, who’ve always supported EXID and the 5 of us.

As of yesterday, I Junghwa have left the agency Banana Culture, where I worked hard for 7 years. I want to send my thanks to the Banana Culture family who worked hard for EXID during that time.

In the 7 years that the members and I have been putting the name EXID before our names, I learned a lot and realized things I probably would not have realized otherwise in my life. I also learned what’s truly precious, so I can cherish it in my heart.

When I think back, there were not only joyful times, but also difficult times that will remain as precious memories. Those memories have been accumulated to form the person I am now, so I’m thankful to my 4 unnies, LEGGO, and everyone who has gifted those memories to me.

The 5 of us like each other a lot, and we care for and love each other. Because we wish for each other’s happiness, we’ve been able to understand and respect each other’s choices. Now we’ll support each other from a distance, but as 5, the team has the same mindset. EXID will still exist, and the 5 of us will continue to work hard and find a way, so that we can stand like this in front of you again. I hope LEGGO will look forward to the future of the 5 members and support us instead of worrying or feeling uneasy!

I’ll be walking a new path with the name ‘EXID’s Junghwa’ as well as ‘Junghwa.’ I’m going to try my best to fulfill my long-awaited dream since I was 9 years old! I’ll be trying to do the things that make me happy and what I want to do. Even if I get tired or fall down, I’ll continue to work as hard as I can to the best of my ability, so I’d appreciate your support!

From now on, I hope you will always remember that ‘We are together’ wherever and whenever and that EXID is always by LEGGO’s side. I’ll pray for your health and happiness! Thank you for these 7 years, and I’ll continue to thank you. I love you!”

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