EXO’s fans were surprised when SM Entertainment announced EXO D.O’s early military enlistment. 

EXO D.O. revealed that he felt heavy feelings for not being able to announce the news himself about him going to enlist in military, way earlier than expected.

D.O. released a message to all her fans, assuring everyone that he will be back soon, healthy and safe.

“Hello. This is EXO’s D.O.

EXO-L, you were really shocked with the sudden news, right?

My heart is heavy, because I wanted to tell you first but I’m a little late.

I am leaving a message like this because I wanted to tell you all that I will do well and return safely and healthily, as I came to this decision after much thought.I am always truly thankful toward EXO-L for your unending support, and I hope that your days are only full of things that make you smile, and that you are always healthy.

I will take care to return healthy and greet you once again. Thank you.” 

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