Exo Kai

Kai is finally back on Instagram!


After Kai abandoned his first Instagram account and finally made a comeback to the hottest social media platform today.

It’s been three years since Kai created his first ever Instagram account

Kai even made history on Instagram as the fastest artist to earn 1 million followers. Kai gained more than 1 millin followers in just 15 hours.

The record was previously owned by Kylie Kardashian who earned 806,000 followers in 10 hours.

EXO Chanyeol immediately followed Kai’s account which confirmed that the account is indeed owned by Kai.

EXO fans have been waiting for this day to come.

Finally, the long wait is over.

Now, we need the Instagram accounts of other EXO members as well.

For now, here’s EXO Kai’s first ever Instagram post after three years.


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