iKON Chanwoo

iKON Chanwoo is making the hyungs proud! Or not?


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Recently, iKON had their Kolorful private stage in celebration to their 1000th day since debut.

iKON’s maknae, Jung Chanwoo or also known as Chan, used to be one of the iKON members who always get the shortest line in iKON’s title tracks.

However, during iKON’s Kolorful event, Chanwoo finally owned the stage alone as he performed Epik High’s Born Hater.

But there’s a twist! Chanwoo made his own lyrics and dissed all the iKON members!

Chanwoo may be the maknae of iKON, but iKON supporters know how much of a boss he is towards his hyungs.

Check out Chanwoo’s one-of-a-kind solo rap performance below.

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