YG Trainee

Are you ready to be amazed by one of YG’s trainees?


Recently, a few of YG’s trainees were revealed to the public in one of JYP’s show. One of the YG trainees is Choi RaeSung, or mostly known as Millenium.

Millenium was the person behind the remix of YG group’s cover of Wondergirls’ Why So Lonely.

Millenium is one of YG’s valued trainees. He has already contributed to YG’s success as a producer on some of YG’s songs. Take note, Millenium is still 17 and is already helping in producing songs for new YG groups.

Millenium is also the boy behind Mixnine’s Just Dance, along with Blackpink’s Rose.

Do you want to hear some of Millenium’s self-composed songs? Hear his songs below.

(These are fan-made videos of Millenium’s songs that were released via Soundcloud.)

Millenium was former Kpop Star 1 contestant. He was dubbed as a dancing machine due to his excellent dancing talent at a young age. He was 11 years old when he joined the show.

What can you say about Millenium’s songs? Check out more of his songs here.

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