BTS Jimin didn’t forget to give back specially to where he first started!

Busan’s Hoedong Elementary School where many celebrities attended including Jimin closed down after 36 years on February 20.

On the last graduation, it was revealed that BTS member Jimin gave signed albums to all the students in the school and he also shouldered the school uniform’s cost of all the graduating students until those who were attending middle school.

It was also belatedly revealed that Jimin donated last year as well as soon as he knew that the school was closing down.

BigHit Entertainment shared their statement regarding the reports and revealed that Jimin’s father felt sorry that the school was about to close so he wanted to do something that can be of help.

On the closing day of Hoedong Elementary School, they had 10 graduating students with 50 enrolees. Jimin’s fatther was present on the ceremony and he personally gave out their donations. He also stated that he saw Jimin graduate here 10 years ago and when he thinks about the school closing down, it breaks his heart.

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