Top 5 celebrities siblings

While almost everybody knows that K-pop industry is a cut-throat industry, it’s heartwarming to see siblings who work on the same field bond and showcase a unique friendship. Although not all of them belong to the same company or have a same line of work, their close relationship is what gets fans gushing over the pairs. Below, we have compiled top 5 Korean celebrities siblings that aren’t just gorgeous, but lovable. Check them out!

  1. Krystal and Jessica Jung (f(x) member and ex-SNSD member)

    Cr: soompi
  2. Doyoung and Gong Myung (NCT member and actor)

    Cr: Kim Doyoung Brasil on Twitter
  3. Thunder and Sandara (ex-MBLAQ member and ex-2NE1 member)

    Cr: Allkpop
  4. Jungyeon and Gong Seungyeon (TWICE member and actress)

    Cr: Allkpop
  5. I and Baro (Solo singer and B1A4 member)

    Cr: Girl Group Zone!on Twitter

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