Epik High PAK
YG continue to reign!


Epik High bring another pride for YG Entertainment as their newly released track titled Love Story featuring IU grabs a PERFECT ALL-KILL! 

It didn’t take long for Epik High to achieve their first PAK right after they recieved a certified all-kill for the same song.

The song has taken the number one spot on all major music charts in South Korea!

Epik High released their new album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful” on October 23 at 6 p.m. KST.

The legendary trio’s Home Is Far Away is also ranking on the major music charts in South Korea.

Epik High is only one of the few who achieved PAK in the new SYS. The other artists/groups who achieved this achievement are G-Dragon (BIGBANG), IU, Heize, and Bolbbagan.

Check out Epik High’s Home Is Far Away and Love Story below.

Congratulations Epik High, IU, and YG Entertainment!


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