WINNER members speak out against hacking issue

WINNER members Lee Seung-Hoon and Kim Jin-Woo shared their view on social networking account hacking. Through a V Live session on October 26, the two shared how recently, Kim Jin-Woo’s Instagram account has been hacked. The hacker, then, commented on a female non-celebrity’s Instagram account. The comments left include, “Have a great shoot, have a good day,” and “Thank you.” The comments caused some misunderstanding among fans. Lee Seung-Hoon revealed that the incident caused Kim Jin-Woo to be stressed.

Not the first

Sadly, Kim Jin-Woo is not the first victim of social media hacking. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk had his Twitter account hacked, as well as JYJ’s Kim Jae-Joong and HIGHLIGHT’s Lee Gi-Kwang who also had their Twitter account hacked. Donghae of Super Junior and actor Kim Ha-Neul were also victims of SNS hacking.

Photo credit: SBS News via Naver

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