Jackson won’t be participating on GOT7’s promotions for the mean time.

It has been revealed that Jackson’s grand father (from her mother side) passed away.

JYP Entertainment released a statement on their official website on October 25 regarding Jackson’s halting of promotions for awhile. They revealed that the GOT7 member will not participate on the group’s upcoming activities so that he can mourn to the passing of his grand father.

They also revealed that Jackson will be present on the funeral and he will be there from October 28 to 29. They also asked fans to understand the current situation of Jackson and how will not be able to attend some of the group’s activities.

JYP Entertainment also sent their condolences to Jackson and his family and that they are highly prioritizing their artists’ situation.

GOT7 is currently promoting their latest album entitled “7 for 7” with title song “You Are.

Our condolences to Jackson and his family!

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