YMC Entertainment stepped up and clarified the issue regarding Wanna One Kang Daniel’s failure to become a presenter on Seoul Awards.

T-ara’s Eunjung was about to present an award when she made an announcement that her partner Kang Daniel (presenter) won’t be able to join her due to traffic jam.

Because of that, there has been several articles written about Kang Daniel with divided opinions. Wanna One is also scheduled to perform on the said event. They arrived and carried on with the performance.

To stop all the misunderstandings, YMC Entertainment released a statement that clarifies the issue. They shared that Kang Daniel was not officially invited to be a presenter and they only got the invitation on the morning of the event. They also stated that they refused the offer of becoming a presenter due to conflicting schedules. They clarified that Kang Daniel was not late for the event. It’s just that they didn’t agreed with the role of becoming a presenter but Wanna One with Daniel arrived earlier for their performance.

Seoul Awards then confirmed YMC Entertainment’s statement and that there has been a miscommunication. They also confirmed that they only gave the invitation early morning of the event and that YMC gave a definite answer.

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