Biggest K-pop Tour

Who holds the record of the biggest touring act since 2010?


K-pop concert is just one of the many proofs that shows how popular the group really is. It gathers fans from around the world to celebrate music from their favorite K-pop group.


Here are the list of the top 10 biggest K-pop touring act since 2010.

1. Bigbang

Attendees: 7,579,000       No. of Shows: 311

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YG Entertainment’s biggest group, or shall I say, K-pop’s most successful group. Bigbang is also one of the most successful boy groups around the world, surpassing Maroon 5. They are called Kings of Kpop for a reason. Bigbang has been one of the K-pop groups that opened the K-pop industry to the world since 2011 until today. A legendary 11-year-old K-pop group wherein four of the members are serving their military service right now, Bigbang still continue to live their legendary status as of today. Despite everything that the members had been through for the past 11 years, Bigbang can still slay the charts as a group or individual, with no teaser, no promotion, and no music video. No rumors nor issues could destroy Bigbang’s legacy in the industry. Bigbang will be celebrating their 12th anniversary this August and four members will be back next year after their military service. Bottomline, it looks like no other K-pop group could surpass this record anytime soon.



Attendees: 3, 762, 000       No. of Shows: 129

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TVXQ is one of SM Entertainment’s popular groups. TVXQ is a 15-year-old group consists of two members. Being the only duo group on the list, TVXQ proved that two people are enough gather more than three million people from around the world. TVXQ members just had their comeback last year after being dismissed from their military service. Expect more amazing music from TVXQ soon!


3. Super Junior

Attendees: 2, 150, 000       No. of Shows: 129

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Another SM Entertainment group on the list is Super Junior. Super Junior originally had a total of thirteen members. Most of the members just got dismissed from their military service and the group just had a comeback this year with a song titled Lo Siento which made records on Latin Charts. Everyone are excited to see the group perform again together after the military service of the members. Hopefully, another concert tour soon?


4. SHINee

Attendees: 2, 139, 000       No. of Shows: 102

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SHINee just celebrated their 10th-year-anniversary this year. After SHINee Jonghyun’s death, all of SHINee members were devastated but the all the members decided to continue their promotion as a group. They know how important SHINee is for Jonghyun, and the members want to make Jonghyun proud by releasing more songs for their supporters. SHINee just had their comeback. Check out their new song titled Good Evening.


5. EXO

Attendees: 2, 112, 290       No. of Shows: 130

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EXO is one of the hottest group from SM Entertainment. EXO originally had twelve members. EXO is a 6-year-old group, and is the newest group from SM Entertainment that made it to the list. Being inspired by their senior groups, it looks like there’s a lot of pressure on EXO’s shoulder to continue to legacy of SM Entertainment’s boy groups in the K-pop industry. Nothing to worry though, with their visuals and amazing skills in singing and dancing, they’re surely going to make more records soon in the K-pop industry.


6. 2PM

Attendees: 1, 500, 000       No. of Shows: 145

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2PM is the only group from JYP Entertainment that made it to the list. The group originally had seven members before their former leader left the group. The group is currently inactive and their home company are still working on the contracts of the members. 2PM is JYP Entertainment’s biggest boy group. Hopefully we get to see them perform soon together with a new song.


7. G-Dragon

Attendees: 1, 250, 000       No. of Shows: 65

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The only solo artist that made it to the list is G-Dragon. G-Dragon is the leader of the K-pop group, Bigbang. While Bigbang members are known as Kings of K-pop, most people also consider G-Dragon as the King of the K-pop industry. He’s a popular artist worldwide with a broad social network. He’s a sought-after global artist, fashionista, businessman, and more. The fact that Bigbang and Bigbang’s leader made it to the list proved how successful Bigbang is as a group and as an individual. With shows not even close to 100, G-Dragon has already established huge number of attendees from around the world. He’s currently doing his military service and is expected to be dismissed in 2019.


8. Girl’s Generation

Attendees: 1, 150, 525       No. of Shows: 92

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The only girl group that made it to the list is Girl’s Generation. Girl’s Generation is one of the most popular girl groups from SM Entertainment. The group originally had nine members before four of them left the company to pursue their chosen personal career. Girl’s Generation is one of the K-pop groups that introduced K-pop music to the world. With their charm and catchy songs, there’s not doubt how Girl’s Generation captured the heart of young women from around the world. Looking forward to their new songs soon!


9. iKON

Attendees: 1,135,100       No. of Shows: 109

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The youngest K-pop group that made it to the list is iKON. iKON is a 2-year-old boy group from YG Entertainment. Do you know that iKON didn’t have a world tour yet but they already made it to the top 9 of the list? iKON only had a mini Asian tour on a few countries in Asia, most of their concert activities were done in Japan. A mini Asian tour that has recorded incredible number of attendees already. More than 900,000 people attended iKON’s concerts in Japan. iKON did their mini Asian tour just three months after their debut. iKON is the fastest growing boy group in the K-pop industry right now. Despite being a 2-year-old group, they already broke records not just in K-pop genre, but in Korean music charts in general. iKON broke records that no K-pop group has done in the past 10 years. This is also expected to increase as the group is expected to do either a proper Asian tour or even a World Tour soon after the massive success of their recent comeback. Get ready? It’s Showtime!


10. BTS

Attendees: 1,113, 250       No. of Shows: 129

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BTS is one of the most popular K-pop groups right now, internationally. BTS is a 5-year-old group from Big Hit Entertainment. BTS has been one of the K-pop groups that are actively doing performances in the United States. Their huge fandom never disappoint BTS as the group achieve Top Social Artist at Billbord Music Awards in 2017 and in 2018. BTS just had their comeback this May with a song titled Fake Love, and is expected to do their second World Tour soon. This second World Tour is going to be bigger than their The Wings Tour. Are you excited for BTS coming to your country soon?



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