Blackpink Jennie

Oh no, Jennie!


Recently, Blackpink Jennie was invited by Chanel for the launching of their new fragrance.

Jennie was warmly welcomed by French Blinks at the airport. A lot of fans waited for her arrival which Jennie didn’t expect. She was surprised and speechless upon seeing a lot of Blinks at the airport.

While Jennie was already on her way back to South Korea, she encountered a situation that every traveler wishes never to experience, she almost lost her passport.

A lot fans were worried seeing Jennie nervous about the situation. She missed her flight and stayed inside the car for fifty minutes before she found her passport.

Can you imagine how much of a problem could have it been if Jennie didn’t find her passport?

Well, the good thing is she found it and made it all the way back to South Korea.

Now, can we have Blackpink’s most glamorous comeback?

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