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Wanna One’s fans reacted to Swing Entertainment’s announcement.


Recently, Wanna One just moved to a new company called Swing Entertainment. Unfortunately, it looked like this is just the start of new changes in Wanna One’s activities.

Today, Swing Entertainment warned Wanna One’s major fansites to close their sites or else they’ll sue the fansites’ masters.

The fansite masters of Wanna One’s major fansites received direct messages stating:

This is Wanna One’s manager. We have confirmed that you are breaking our label’s copyrights. The illegal videos that you have taken and uploaded onto your Twitter from the Wanna One concert are infringing our copyrights, and is a criminal act where you can face strict punishment. Our company believes that direct punishment is not the proper action, and we are sending you this serious warning message to ask for your promise that you will never do this again. If you do not follow this, you will face strict legal action, and we ask that you relay your response to us.

Wannable, the official name of Wanna One’s fandom, were all surprised about this announcement.

Most fans were surprised and got confused behind this action of Wanna One’s new agency. Fans have mixed emotions regarding this issue.

Here are Wannables’ comments on SNS:

1. Lmao, does swing realize that the ones who would buy 16434943497 albums in every comeback are fansites? The ones who gave idols stars and stuffs are fansites?

2. How could they just demand them to close their fan sites dude they’re supporting YOU

3. That’s going overboard lol

4. Fan accounts are the reason Wanna One gets discovered and people actually keep up with them. If they do try to get accounts closed down it’s going to be a major loss for them.

5. fansites are the most hard-working fans i swear

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