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Is iKON Yunhyeong the man you’ve been waiting for?


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iKON’s Song Yunhyeong, or mostly known as Yunhyeong, Yoyo or Song, is one of the most handsome and talented idols in the K-pop industry.

Being know for his visuals since his high school days and for being Nivea Korea’s ambassador, there are still more amazing reasons why iKON’s Yunhyeong is one of the idols that you’ll dream of marrying to in the future.

Due to his naturally golden heart, iKON members consider Yunhyeong as the center of the group. The member considers him as the glue that keeps iKON together.

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Here are 10 amazing reasons why iKON’s Yunhyeong is everyone’s dream-to-be-husband:


  1. He’s naturally charming and humorous.

    Even during his high school years, iKON’s Yunhyeong has already been known for his natural gorgeous look. Aside from his looks, many fans didn’t know about this, but Yunhyeong is naturally good at talking to people, even with strangers. His natural overflowing charm and humor can easily captivate people’s smiles and can make them listen to him even if they don’t know him personally. His humor makes him entertaining to be with. He doesn’t make everyone feel like he needs to be treated special because of his celebrity status, instead, he will make you feel like you’ve known him for years already.

    With this picture only, you can already see Yunhyeong’s overflowing charm and humor. This picture was taken by one of his fans.

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  2. A man with overflowing talent.

    iKON’s colorful vocals have always been known in the K-pop industry, and Yunhyeong’s powerful and soulful vocals is a great addition to the group. You can clearly hear his soulful voice especially in iKON’s live performances. Yunhyeong can sing in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English.

    Don’t let Yunhyeong’s soft and handsome looks make you believe that he’s no expert in pulling incredible dancing stunts, because Yunhyeong is also one of the amazing dancers in iKON.

    Before becoming a singer, Yunhyeong originally applied as an actor in YG Entertainment.

    Check out Yunhyeong’s powerful and soulful vocals, and incredible dancing skills below.

    At 1:46, you can hear Yunhyeong singing acapella.

  3. He is known as iKON’s chef.

    Find a man who is willing to learn new things to make you even happier. I got you iKON’s Yunhyeong.

    When iKON started living together in a dorm, Yunhyeong noticed how much the group kept on eating delivered food. He said he missed eating home-cooked food. At first, he didn’t have an idea on how to cook, that’s why he decided to start learning cooking. Now, he’s already called as iKON’s chef. He wants iKON to start eating healthy home-cooked food. He’s the man in the kitchen.

    Watch Yunhyeong show his expertise in cooking below.

    Watch Yunhyeong as he tried to teach the other iKON members on how to cook Carbonara.


  4. He is naturally kind and respectful.

    iKON are known for giving incredible fan service to their fans. Whenever they have live performances, they go to their fans and borrow their phone to take pictures of their selves with the fans. If you happen to bump into them in public places, you can casually approach them and ask for a picture easily. If you happen to see Yunhyeong near you, you can just directly call him and talk to him like he’s your long lost friend. His kindness is one of the reasons why he’s loved by iKON members, YG’s staff, and even grandparents.

    iKON members pranked Yunhyeong to test his personality test. This is way back in 2014, during Mix & Match era.

    Meanwhile, this in 2018. Yunhyeong helping a YG staff carry a bunch of bottled water.


  5. He is very thoughtful.

    Whenever there’s an iKON member who hasn’t eaten yet, he will cook for them and wait for them to enjoy the food. Isn’t he just so perfect?


  6. He is a romantic man.

    In this digital era, it’s quite hard to find a man who would love to take you to the park, enjoy doing silly things with you, fly kites with you, or even take you to a short-trip cruise tour. Guess what? Yunhyeong is just that type of man who would love to do all those with the woman he loves and even with the other iKON members.

  7. He’s naturally sweet.

    Despite the fame and money, Yunhyeong considers iKON members’ relationship even more important than becoming popular as an artist. He believes that iKON members’ relationship towards each other is the most important thing.


  8. He is chivalrous.

    He’s willing to protect anyone from harm. No matter what it takes, he will protect those who are in danger from harm. Do you want a man who is willing to protect you from dangerous people? Then Yunhyeong is the man for you.


  9. He is family-oriented.

    If you want to find a man who respects and treats his family well, then you have Yunhyeong. He has always been the joy of his family. His sweet and loving relationship with his family makes him even more perfect to be everyone’s dream-to-be-husband.

    Meet Yunhyeong’s family below:


  10. He’s a grown-up, responsible man.

If you are looking for a man who knows how to control his emotions, someone who doesn’t get mad easily, who takes care of his things and people around him very well, someone who is organized, someone who plans his future, someone who’s naturally kind, sweet, and loving, then we got you iKON’s Yunhyeong.


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