iKON Bobby is indeed giving kids some HYUNG-love!


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Not so long ago, a very popular kid from Philippines went viral for asking Bobby to come to her birthday.

The father of the lovely child asked Bobby and YG Entertainment to come to her daughter’s birthday and joked for a 90% discount on Bobby’s talent fee.

This immediately reached Bobby’s attention, and just hours, Bobby who was hanging with Donghyuk, responded right away with a birthday greeting for the kid.

Now, Bobby has given another iKONIC baby a surprise as Bobby gave the kid one of his watches during iKON’s PiKONIC day.

The kid’s name is Jun.

Jun has been a hardcore baby iKONIC ever since before Love Scenario.

He has been a really huge fan of iKON ever since. Watch his Instagram post below:

Who needs some love from Bobby as well? 

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