Weki Meki Fandom Name

Weki Meki fans rejoice as the groups officially revealed the name of their fandom and the group’s color.

As Weki Meki celebrated their first anniversary as a group, Weki Meki took this opportunity to reveal their group’s fandome name and official colors.

Weki Meki revealed that their group’s colors are  ‘Cherry Tomato’ and ‘Vibrant Yellow.’ These colors represent fresh and fierce vibe.

While for their fandom name, Weki Meki revealed that their fandom name is ‘Ki-Ling.’ There are two translations for this. The first is that ‘Ki’ is from their group name, while ‘Ling’ means ‘Darling.’ It’s like calling Weki Meki fans as ‘Weki Meki loves.’  The other translation is that ‘Ki’ mean ‘key’ and ‘Ling’ mean ‘Link,’ which means the fans are like keychains that link Weki Meki members and the fans together.

What do you think about Weki Meki’s fandom names and colors? Comment your thoughts below!

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