YG Trainee

Ex-YG trainee, Katie Kim, finally released her debut song ‘Remember.’


Years after winning K-pop Star 4 in 2014, Katie Kim officially debuted using only Katie as her stage name.

After three years being trained under YG Entertainment, Katie Kim decided to leave the company and signed under AXIS.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that Katie Kim left the company because she wanted to pursue a more Western type of songs, which is understandable because Katie grew up in America. Also, Katie’s debut song Remember is an English song, not Korean.

Despite leaving YG Entertainment, Katie still received huge love from Yang Hyun Suk as her debut song was released under YG Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Not only Katie received YG’s support, but as well as her new home label. This is because the CEO of AXIS is a former Creative Director of YG Entertainment. SINXITY, the CEO of AXIS, was also a part of YG’s sub label, HIGHGRND, before he left and created a new label.

Check out Katie’s debut song ‘Remember’ below:




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