Popular K-Pop Songs

iKON B.I. is indeed one of the successful composers and producers in K-pop’s current generation.

Even though he’s currently surrounded by rumors, we can’t still deny the fact that at a very short time, iKON B.I. is already successful at producing and composing legendary songs in the K-pop industry.

Check out these Top 5 Popular K-pop Songs written and co-written by iKON B.I.

1.Love Scenario

iKON’s Love Scenario is the most successful K-pop song in 2018. It was released on January 2018 but was still able to maintain its popularity until December 2018. This song made non K-pop fans love K-pop song. Men and women from all ages, even kids and infants, love the song!

2. Whistle

Blackpink’s Whistle is one of the most successful debut songs in the K-pop industry. It has gone viral that men and women really know the entire song. During university festivals, you can hear how much the Koreans love the song!

3. Empty

Winner’s Empty is one of Winner’s most popular songs. It is also one of the most successful debut songs in K-pop. It brought Winner massive success that it is one of the reasons that Winner had a really strong start in the K-pop industry.

4. Be-I

Be-I is iKON B.I.’s self-composed song when he was still a trainee and he performed it as he competed on Show Me The Money 3 where his fellow iKON member, Bobby, won the grand prize despite being a trainee. Despite not having debuted yet, B.I,’s self-composed song already topped Korea’s music charts which rarely happens in K-pop. Even artists from other countries plagiarize iKON B.I.’s songs.

5. No One

Lee Hi’s No One is Lee Hi’s most anticipated comeback song after years of being in hiatus. This song gave Lee Hi a huge change of image as Lee Hi was known to release soulful and bubbly songs. This time, Lee Hi tried another style and genre with his collaboration with iKON’s B.I. This gave Lee Hi a successful comeback.


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