Popular Korean Actor
Popular Korean actor, Lee Seo Won, made a public apology after sexual harassment scandal. 


Two weeks ago, actor Lee Seo Won was accused of harassing a female celebrity while having a drinking session together.

The female celebrity said that the actor became aggressive and tried to kiss her during their drinking session. As the female celebrity tried to reject him, the actor became even more aggressive. This made the female celebrity call her boyfriend to ask for help. As she called her boyfriend, Lee Seo Won got angry and threatened her with a weapon.

This week, the actor officially admitted everything and made a public apology for his action.

Lee Seo Won is a 21-year-old host and actor. He appeared in Uncontrollably Fond, Lost Ship, and The Liar and His Lover. 

After the incident, Lee Seo Won was removed as a host from Music Bank. He was also removed from his role in the K-drama series About Time.


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