Another record broken!

There’s a saying among K-Pop fans: The only one who can break EXO’s records is EXO themselves. While the saying isn’t always proven true,  but it can be said for sure that EXO has grown to a multi-talented group with impressive achievements. EXO often sets high bars when it comes to album sales or digital downloads.

This time, EXO has broken another record: their latest album, ‘The War’ is the highest first-week sales ever on Hanteo. Interestingly, the record was previously held by EXO’s third album, Ex’Act, with 522k+ first week sales. Other previous releases from EXO is also included in the Top 10 list of the chart.

Melon Chart

EXO has also maintained their #1 position on Melon chart for almost the entire week. While ‘Ko Ko Bop’ slipped to the second position for a brief one hour, ever since then, the song ranks first. The B-side tracks from ‘The War’ album are also faring well on the chart.

Watch ‘Ko Ko Bop’ MV below!

Photo credit: EXO Official Facebook page
Video credit: EXO official YouTube channel

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