SHINee leader Onew got into a controversy

SHINee’s Onew is charged with suspicion of sexual harassment/molestation. According to the police, Onew was reported by a woman for touching her in a club. He was with a group of friends and is suspected of touching a female inappropriately. The identity of the female wasn’t revealed, but it was revealed she was in the club with her boyfriend at the time of the incident.

Charges dropped

Not long after the news was made public, it was reported that the woman has dropped her charges. SM Entertainment representing Onew insisted the whole thing was a misunderstanding and Onew merely touched her inadvertently. On the other hand, the police mentioned that the woman wants to keep her identity hidden and thus, she decided to drop charges.

Onew withdrew from ‘Age of Youth 2’

Onew won’t be participating in the second installment of JTBC drama ‘ Age of Youth’. It was reported Lee Yoo Jin, an actor who participated in TV show Produce 101, would replace him.

Photo credit: TVReport via Naver

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